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David Tennant is my new crush

hello everyone! I know it has been a long time since I have made an entry here, but I thought that  would share my new obsession. I have recentyly discovered David Tennant through some Doctor Who dvd's recommended through a friend. Now I want to see everything he is in! Sound familiar? Yes, I am still crushing on Gorham, and always will...but Tennant is a new challange! LOL.

covert affairs returns June 7th

I cant wait for the show to start. Here is a promo I just love...because of Auggie.

Ugly Betty Cancelled!!! Damn!

Ugly Betty was cancelled today. I can't even say how bummed I am at how the past year has let me down. Storylines and relationships were just all askew. I saw on Twitter how everyone is sad and all, but I guess we can only blame the writers for screwing around with the storylines...Henry/ Betty for example. I am not happy at how that one went. What the hell were they thinking ...making Charlie preggers and all! Chris Gorham sounded quite sad on Twitter and in his radio interview. I hope he comes back for an ending appearence. PLEASE CHRIS!!!!


happy Birthday Danielle!!!

Writer's Block: Theme Dining

If you were to open your own theme restaurant, what would the theme be and how would you express it to the customers?
I would have one that is Tv and movie themed. It would have photo's of actors and scenes from movies and shows. I would try to get the actors to come and stop by so pics can be taken and people would want to come. Of course my main actor (for me) would be to get Chris Gorham to come to it. It would probably sell sandwich and soups and salads. Great homemade desserts. What do you think...would you come?

Writer's Block: A Bitter Pill to Swallow?

If you could get your exercise by taking a pill, would you? Why or why not?
oh Hell Yea!! Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't quit excercising all together... but there are those days...and you all had them...where you just don't  or can't get to the gym  and know you need to do your workout. So a pill would be great to do that... just once in a while!

Well, the summer is almost over and can't wait for the new TV season to start. I am still reviewing  for Ugly Betty and Bones over at thetwocents.com. I hope you fans can come over and leave me a comment. I am hoping for Henry to come back , even if just for a few eps. I will watch Covert Affairs with CG but I don't think I will review it.  I just am hoping I am still working by the end of the year.Economy sucks and hubby isn't working, God , don't want it to get any worse!
Well, not much to really say, but it has been so long since i made an entry.....
I am totally diggin' Harper's Island. I don't know how many of you are watching, but my gosh it is good. Chris is gorgeous as always as my fave Henry Dunn. But we are getting to the nitty gritty and my worst fears realized, I think he may be a bad guy after all. No! ...say it isn't so! But we will find out on July 11. Can I even last that long?NOT!

UB finale and HI

Well, I must say that I enjoyed my weekend. I got to see Chris on Ugly Betty finale. May I say it was wonderful to have Henry back ....and the kiss in the park....WOW!
CG in Harper's was also good. The episodes are getting very intense and CG is really showing that he can totally out act all of the others!